Regulations 2023

The race series for road bikes Südtirol.Berg.Cup/Südtirol.Cup.Montagna consists of the following bike races:

  • MendelRace Eppan – Mendelpass
  • 10th Edelrot Trophy Lana – Gampenpass
  • M2BIKE Trophy - Jaufenpass
  • Road race Prad - Stilfser Joch; Trophy Raiffeisenkasse Prad – Taufers

Important: Information about the individual races and the respective registration can be found on the races page, and can be obtained from the respective organizer.

In case of cancellation or postponement of an event, the organizing club will communicate this in due time. Such uncertainty also concerns the sponsoring of the races, the organizing clubs will in any case seek support from sponsors for attractive prize-giving.
Each race of the Südtirol.Berg.Cup is a separate event, there is no obligation to participate in all races or more than one.

Eligible to participate are all amateur cyclists with a racing licence valid for the current year from the national cycling federation and/or another cycling federation recognised by the national Olympic Committee, aged 17 and over ("free participation").

Non-racing licence holders must obtain a "FCI Day licence" for the respective race; the presentation of a valid medical certificate of fitness for the discipline of cycling is mandatory.
No other discipline is valid and is therefore not accepted!

Cycling helmets are compulsory for all races!

This is valid as soon as the start number is attached to the bike and during the track inspection on the day of the race.
Each participant starts at his/her own risk and responsibility.

The start numbers must be attached in such a way that they are legible at all times during the race.

Participants are advised not to throw any waste (e.g. packaging of bars, gels etc.) on the street.

Any throwing away of garbage leads to disqualification.

The races take place on public roads, therefore the regulations of the road traffic regulations must be observed.

Furthermore, the rules of the UCI and FCI (Italian Cycling Federation) valid for road races must be observed.

The organisers may make changes to the route if extraordinary circumstances require it.

In the individual races a ranking will be made in each of the following amateur categories:
Woman 1 (up to 39 yrs.) - Woman 2 (40-49 yrs.) - Woman 3 (age 50 and up) - Junior Sport (17-18 yrs.) - Elite Sport (19-29 yrs.) - Master 1 (30-34 yrs.) - Master 2 (35-39 yrs.) - Master 3 (40-44 yrs.) - Master 4 (45-49 yrs.) - Master 5 (50-54 yrs.) - Master 6 (55-59 yrs.) - Master 7 (60-64 yrs.) - Master 8 (age 65 and up)

The first 10 classified in each category receive points as follows:
1. place 20 points - 2. place 18 pts. - 3. place 16 pts. - 4. place 14 pts. - 5. place 12 pts. - 6. place 10 pts. - 7. place 8 pts. - 8. place 6 pts. - 9. place 4 pts. - 10. place 2 pts.
from the 11th place each participant receives 1 point.

Each organizing company may establish, for its own race, a maximum time for women and men to enter the rankings. Any maximum time is defined in the regulations of the respective event. The non-classification in a race does not lead to exclusion from the final classifications of this championship if the athlete is classified in at least one of the other races.

After each race, the scores assigned will be added up, and the rankings will be derived, which after the last race will give the final rankings.
The prize-giving of the first three classified of each category of the championship will take place at the end of the last race.

In addition to the awards in the categories, at the end of the last race will be stipulated absolute rankings of women and men according to the above-mentioned point system, of which the first three classified receive prizes based on the contributions of sponsors.


The prizes will be handed over exclusively to the athletes PERSONALLY PRESENT at the final prize giving.

The competitors of the South Tyrolean FCI member companies with the highest points in the different categories at the end of the championship will take, provided that they have ranked in AT LEAST 50% of the races held, t-shirt and title of South Tyrolean Champion/South Tyrolean Mountain Road Champion 2023.

Participation in the races is at your own risk and responsibility.

The Organising Committees decline all responsibility and liability for accidents, theft, injuries and damages of any kind that may occur to participants and/or third parties before, during and after the event.

Competitors classified in all the races held receive, at the final awards ceremony (and if present), a "Südtirol.Berg.Cup" T-shirt as a sign of recognition.

Random doping tests are possible at any time.

In case of positive results to the doping controls carried out within one of the above mentioned races, the competitor is obliged to pay to the organizing company of the event the sum of € 10.000,00 (ten thousand euros) as compensation for the serious damage caused to the event and to the Südtirol.Berg.Cup championship, within and not later than 30 days from the disclosure of the positive results.
The amounts paid as compensation for damage to the image for positive results to doping controls will go to the companies of the Südtirol.Cup.Montagna 2023 for the promotion of cycling.

By registering for at least one of these races the athlete explicitly declares to have read the regulations of the race(s) as well as of the Südtirol.Berg.Cup / Südtirol.Cup.Montagna 2023 and to accept them in full.

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