Corona 2020 - update 07/14/2020



This year 2020 was to be another year in the success story of the series of races for amateur cyclists,
with now 7 of the most beautiful mountain climbs in the whole country.
Unfortunately, an inconspicuous virus has thwarted all plans.



The decision of the Italian Cycling Federation FCI at the beginning of April, to cancel all races until 30 June due to the crown crisis, forced the organizers of the first three stages - the MendelRace on 18 April, the Edelrot Trophy on Passo Palade on 9 May and the climb to the Stelvio on 13 June - to cancel the races and possibly postpone them until later.
In the last few days, after which the federation announced further modalities and restrictions for the competitions, the organizing clubs of the remaining races also cancelled their events and postponed the races until next year.

At this point the Südtirol.Berg.Cup committee has no choice but to say goodbye with a heavy heart for this year, and to postpone major projects until 2021.

!! New 2021 !!

Südtirol Bergcup Rennrad Jaufenpass

The series of the Südtirol.Berg.Cup will be extended to 7 races from 2021!



From now on, the Jaufenpass/Passo Giovo - always one of the 4 alpine passes

to be ridden at the Ötztaler Cycling Marathon - will be part of the series.


On a length of about 15 km with start in Gasteig near Sterzing/Vipiteno, the route runs in a steady gradient

up to the finish on the Jaufenpass at 2,090m altitude. Almost 1,100 metres of altitude difference are overcome.


And as a new conclusion to the series, there will be an uphill from Blumau/Prato Isarco to Steinegg/Collepietra:

with a length of just over 10 kilometers not an extremely long, but in some sections partly steep uphill

with a total of 900 metres in altitude ... a crowning achievement of the series!


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